Jason Hadley was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma in a house full of artists and musicians and spent much of his childhood in and around the University of Oklahoma art department where his dad was a professor. After a year of enrollment in the art program at OU, however, he felt like he had been in his hometown long enough and moved to Northampton, MA.

After two years on the east coast Hadley came to Los Angeles and started working in film and television doing props and set decoration. in 1991 he started the band Woodpussy with a crowd of likeminded artists and weirdos. The band was often more art than music with elaborate sets and costumes. When Woodpussy ended, Hadley began focusing on visual art with a musical element rather than the other way around.

He has been actively showing since 2003 in Los Angeles at MorYork Gallery, The Hive, Create Fixate, Cannibal Flower, Blue Space and Art Slave Gallery.

Other shows include The Hive's satellite gallery at Art Basil Miami in 2010.